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Jesus, the church, and pre-marital sex

by Christoph Email

Just to try it out, I entered "Pentecostal" as a search key word into the new "RSS Zeitgeist" engine. Among the results I got, I was shocked to find the following quote:
"Jesus is the biggest cock-blocker ever." That was my friend K., summing up why he had to break it off with the woman he was dating. Apparently, she was a member of some weird Pentecostal church...very anti-sex, so obviously that wasn't going to work...(hoyvenmayven)
. How unfortunate, too see how much good Christian teaching on life values can be torn out of context and misunderstood from the outside. Jesus surely was and is no "cock-blocker", but rather the one who enables people to enjoy the God-created pleasures of sexuality to the max -- since it's Jesus alone who permits us to create the kind of relationship that alone can serve as the proper framework for such sexuality. How many people already had to experience, that without Jesus, on the long run "that wasn't going to work." Of course, I have to add a note of caution, since I don't know the exact nature of the "weird Pentecostal church" cited in the post, and I have actually seen all kinds of weird positions put forward within the confines of Pentecostalism. However, generally, I think most Pentecostals will agree on a rejection of premarital sexuality. And I think, they're right! On a positive note, a rather well-balanced position paper on the Pentecostal view of sexuality has been posted by the Assemblies of God (U.S.). Yet, as always, there remains the question on how to bring these well-done statements close to the people on the outside, in order to avoid such distorted perceptions in the future. more »