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bradandgeo: Augustine and the knowledge of God...

by Christoph Email

Brad Anderson has some interesting thoughts on Augustine, the knowledge of God, and its relation to (post-)modern thinking. In his short summary of the movement from modernism to post-modern basics, he remarks that,
This shift in thinking is what has allowed faith to enter back into the public arena of thought � because in the postmodern context, �faith� is as valid an interpretive framework as feminism, post-colonialism and many others are.
Of course, I'd like to add that what is direly lacking in post-modernism is any kind of validation to that faith -- "true faith" isn't an objective category any more. The only thing that may lead to the discovery (no, that's too modernist -- the definition) of "true faith" (where "true" is a function of a particular context in post-modernism) is through the consensus of the community. And that is usually derrived from pure pragmatic thinking: We'll accept whatever seems to work for us. Whatever we may think about this kind of "truth" and the underlying epistemology, it highlights the importance of living a highly practical faith that "works" so well that the people around us cannot but acknowledge its truth. As the old saying goes, we'll preach the word at all times (but "preaching", again, would be very modernist), only we'll use much more than words. more »